Beaumont & Fletcher are acclaimed as the makers of the finest English handmade furniture.

This reputation is achieved through meticulous attention to detail and an insistence on traditional craftsmanship and materials. The bespoke frame is fashioned from selected seasoned beech and ash, hand jointed and solidly built. Onto this frame a strong base of webbing is interwoven. Individual double cone coil springs are then hand-tied, eight ways, to provide perfect, lasting comfort to the seat and back. Canvas and cotton, lambswool and horsehair create the distinctive shape with firm support.

Each sofa and chair is entirely constructed by hand by craftsmen with years of training, experience and dedication and every piece is made to order to our customers’ specification, using only the finest materials.

We never compromise on the quality of this beautifully made furniture. Meticulous hand finishing and stitching ensures that every piece of furniture is of a quality unequalled by any other manufacturer, a quality that will last for generations.


If you have a need for a specially designed piece of furniture we would be delighted to help.

Whether it is an unusual style or shape, a curved or corner sofa, we will be happy to design and build a unique piece of furniture for you.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.