About - Beaumont & Fletcher

Every successful room in a home has a purpose, as expressed by its furniture and furnishings. At Beaumont & Fletcher, we help you realise that purpose with our beautifully crafted, long-lasting pieces that bring balance, scale and proportion to any space, ensuring perfection every time.

Company History

We have a proud history spanning decades of design and craftsmanship. Our work honours traditional design and craft techniques, while we also look to the future and expand our offering, most notably with the introduction of our exquisite and iconic couture collections.

Bespoke Service

All of our handmade furniture is carefully designed to provide maximum comfort and style, and each design can be altered and adapted to suit your needs.


At Beaumont & Fletcher, our skilled, passionate people are the beating heart of everything we do, and careers with us are uniquely creative and rewarding.


We are committed to fine craftsmanship, creating exquisite handmade furniture and hand embroidered fabrics, each one a work of art.

Design Process

Our Team

Our people come from a variety of backgrounds and each bring a unique perspective and skillset to the team, from the creative to the technical.

Our Vision & Values

Our values of tradition, teamwork and commitment to quality ensure every piece is perfect, and perfectly encapsulates your vision.

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