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Every successful room in a home has a purpose, and this purpose is expressed by its furniture. At Beaumont & Fletcher, we help you realise that purpose with our beautifully crafted, long-lasting pieces that bring balance, scale and proportion to any space, ensuring perfection every time.


All of our sofas are lovingly handcrafted by master craftsmen using only the finest materials, and can be made in a range of sizes and fabrics.


With a variety of styles and sizes to suit any room, all of our chairs are carefully created with your comfort in mind.

Footstools & Coffee Tables

The perfect complement to our sofas and chairs, our unique handcrafted footstools and coffee tables finish a room beautifully.

Dining Chairs & Barstools

Equal parts functional and luxurious, our dining chairs and barstools are skilfully handcrafted to accentuate any dining or living space.
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Art Deco - Beaumont & Fletcher

Art Deco

Why are we so endlessly inspired by Art Deco? Is it the soft colours that captivate us, are we charmed with the subtle curves or transfix...
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