Tie Backs

Tie Backs

Tie Backs - Beaumont & Fletcher

Our exquisite range of couture tie backs are handmade to order using luxurious threads, freshwater pearls and semiprecious stones.

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Custom made to suit your requirements, our beautiful tie backs are available in seven gorgeous designs, each one introducing highly decorative touches to your room.

Using a fabric of your choice we make each tie back using luxurious threads and beading to create the finished design.

The elegant conical body of the Desdemona tie back is in stark contrast to the curves of Bianca. While the unusual shape of the Imogen tie back has an exotic feel suitable for both a classic or contemporary room.

Some are delicately embroidered while others have more intricate designs, delivering either a striking contrast or harmonious addition to curtains.

The generous, softly flowing metallic fringes of our tie backs introduce depth and subtle movement.  And the addition of precious jewels add elegance and heighten the overall look.

As well as Beaumont & Fletcher’s signature tie back designs, we unlock our customers own design concepts. These truly bespoke tie backs follow the same process as all our couture pieces. Works of art in their own right, they serve both a decorative as well as functional purpose.

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