Company History

We are proud of our history, heritage, and achievements, while also always looking to the future. Take a look at some key dates in the Beaumont & Fletcher story below.

Company History - Beaumont & Fletcher
The Beginning

Our story begins in 1970s London, when our founder John Crowell spent his teenage years among the traders at the Portobello Road Market.

Relishing the buzz of the market and its Aladdin’s cave atmosphere, it was here that he began buying, selling, and honing his passion for furniture restoration.

John’s first restored piece was an elegant rosewood Regency daybed, suffering from mildew and neglect. Under the watchful eye of a retired master upholsterer, he spent a fruitful summer stripping down and lovingly rebuilding it, restoring it to its former glory.

Beaumont & Fletcher Established
Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher
1989 Berlin Wall comes down
Beaumont & Fletcher Established

Taking his passion for beautiful furniture to the next level, John founded Beaumont & Fletcher in 1989. Inspired by the creativity and flair of two successful 17th century playwrights, Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, the company’s name was born. Combining time-honoured traditional craftsmanship and classically-inspired designs, John’s vision was for Beaumont & Fletcher to be dramatic, theatrical, technically-excellent designers and purveyors of bespoke furniture built to last a lifetime.

Printed Fabrics
Orsino printed fabric
1990 Channel Tunnel workers from the UK and France meet 40 metres beneath the English Channel
Printed Fabrics

In 1990, we launched our first fabrics collection. With designs inspired by the intricate and delicate detailing of Regency and Georgian antiques, these fabrics soon came to embody the look and feel of our brand; quietly confident and beautifully distinguished, our fabrics have graced country mansions and furnished elegant townhouses for almost 30 years.

The Iconic Pompadour Sofa
Pompadour sofa in Como - Moss
1994 The Church of England ordains its first female priests
The Iconic Pompadour Sofa

At Beaumont & Fletcher we have never shied away from drawing inspiration from a bygone age of talent and mastery – which is how our now iconic Pompadour sofa came to life in 1994.

We based the traditional antique frame on an early 19th century neoclassical design with clean, unfussy lines and deep, soft cushions. Handmade in the UK by master craftsmen using traditional time-honoured techniques, this graceful sofa became an overnight bestseller, and has since become our signature model.

Lights and Mirrors
Mirrors: Buckingham, Georgian, Nelson, Rococo, Empire, Olympus
1995 Forrest Gump won best picture at the Oscars
Lights & Mirrors

In 1995 we introduced mirrors and lights into our repertoire. Honouring the original pieces was paramount; our master craftsmen paid homage by lovingly recreating their historic forms in small specialist workshops in Italy.

Using only the finest materials, we brought these antique inspired lights and mirrors back to life with the softest touch, revealing their understated luxury and hand gilding. Each one we create is a beautiful statement piece in its own right, and can sit comfortably next to real antiques.

Move to Chelsea
Fulham Road, Chelsea
1998 Google is founded
Moving to Chelsea

In the summer of 1998, we established our home at number 261 Fulham Road, Chelsea. We wanted a residence with the space and light to showcase our full collection, a place that would welcome our customers.

To this day, the coffee at number 261 is always hot and fresh, the fire on cold days always lit, and the welcome into the world of Beaumont & Fletcher always warm and true. Visit us for your chance to see and touch the fabrics, get comfortable on our luxurious furniture, and browse our collections at leisure.

Couture Fabrics and Trimmings
Imperatore on Como silk velvet - Teal
2003 The final flight of Concorde took place
Couture Fabrics and Trimmings

When our most expensive fabric design became a bestseller, we knew there was a demand for truly luxurious fabrics. In 2003, John took us to the next level by creating our Couture Collection.

This gorgeous and unique collection is embroidered by hand, using shimmering threads and jewels to create almost three-dimensional fabrics, and delivers unprecedented opulence and luxury to homes across the world.

Silk Velvets
Como silk velvet
2009 Barack Obama is sworn in as the first African American to hold office
Silk Velvets

We wanted equally beautiful plain fabrics to complement our Couture Collection. So, in 2009, we launched Como and Capri, our Silk Velvets collections. The Como is an exquisite chine silk velvet with immense depth and movement, while the Capri silk velvet is rich and opulent, making it perfect for our Couture embroidery.

Our beautiful silk velvets are expertly weaved in specialised Italian mills by craftsmen whose expertise is passed down through generations, from silks that are dyed by hand to achieve a palette of subtle colours for which we have become renowned.

Couture Cushions
Couture Cushions
2010 The tallest man-made structure to date, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is officially opened
Couture Cushions

In 2010, we made our cushions available straight from our showroom. Our customers can walk in and view the full extensive and beautiful collection, carefully edited to inspire interiors with a signature finish.

We can also make them to order, entirely bespoke and gorgeously hand embroidered with silk threads, seed pearls, and semiprecious stones.

2012 adaptation of Anna Karenina
2012 London hosts the Olympic Games

The Double Headed Eagle is the most dominating symbol of Russian aristocracy, and we were asked to embroider this iconic and grand emblem for the 2012 film adaptation of Anna Karenina. It played a key role in the lavish and intricate set for this visually stunning film, and was instrumental in transporting the viewer into Anna’s world.

We continue to create exquisite and intricate pieces for films including Pirates of the Caribbean, Beauty & the Beast, and Aladdin.

Contemporary Style
Edgar sofa with Piet and Habibi cushions
2014 A selfie becomes a cultural phenomenon
Contemporary Style

In 2014, we launched our contemporary collection of luxurious upholstered furniture, including the stylish Edgar sofa.

Carefully designed to create an elegant and more contemporary shape, the Edgar is an example of our approach to modern design whilst preserving the traditional craft and techniques of British handmade furniture. The Edgar swiftly became a star piece in the collection, and has been beloved ever since.

Honouring a Legacy
Founder John Crowell
2016 The highest ever recorded individual cricket score, 1009 not out, is made by Pranav Dhanawade
Honouring a Legacy

In 2016, John very sadly passed away. The directorship of Beaumont & Fletcher passed to Jana Durisova, who had honed her expertise working alongside John for over a decade and continued his passion for fine designs.

Combining a natural optimism with a keen-eyed technical approach formed in her early studies of architecture and hydraulic engineering, Jana’s motto is “anything is possible”, an ethos she brings to both the business and design aspects of her role.

Art Deco Collection
Audrey curtains, Rockefeller headboard
2017 A Leonardo da Vinci painting, Salvator Mundi, sells for US$450 million at Christie’s in New York, a new record price for any work of art
Art Deco Collection

Sleek and linear in its appearance, with a fragmented geometric character, we simply couldn’t resist including the sheer luxury, glamour and modernity of the Art Deco period in our portfolio.

In 2017, we introduced this vibrant design into our embroideries and furniture, accompanied by a bold and confident colour palette.

30 Years of Excellence
Lawrence - Neptune
2019 Youth-led climate activism goes global
30 Years of Excellence

In 2019, we’re celebrating 30 years of success, luxury and excellence with the launch of our new signature fabric, the Lawrence. Taking inspiration from the cheetahs in our unique logo, combined with original sketches by our late founder John Lawrence Crowell, we created this exquisite
Georgian-inspired design.

The noble cheetahs, affectionately known as Lenny and Benny, prowl elegantly through the twirling scrolls and tassels in this inspirational weave. The intricate design is offset with a soft subtle sheen and tactile yet robust finish. It is a testament to Beaumont & Fletcher’s legacy of producing British-made, beautifully designed, and lovingly crafted textiles with a truly individual style.

Company History - Beaumont & Fletcher
The Future

As we celebrate thirty years of creativity and quality we look forward to the next chapters at Beaumont & Fletcher. We will continue to draw our inspiration from the world of antiquity as well as embracing a more contemporary aesthetic that will be both timeless and considered. Our continuing legacy will be to design and make, the most beautiful, comfortable and elegant pieces – each one, be it a cushion, chair, light or couture fabric will be individually handcrafted in the traditional way with uncompromising artistry and style.