Embroidered Art

Embroidered Art

Embroidered Art - Beaumont & Fletcher

Beaumont & Fletcher’s world-renowned embroideries are a work of art, captivating in every shape and form – from our coveted cushions to couture fabrics, chairbacks and headboards. Our bespoke collection of embroideries is so beautiful we have created a stunning collection of hanging art, which adorns the walls of the most sophisticated homes around the world.

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Our embroidered art collection includes our most popular designs, each of which can be adapted in size and scale to suit your requirements. Handmade to order our art panels come alive through the prized skills of some of the finest artisans in the world.

Each piece of art follows the same rigorous design process, from the initial drawings to the all-important decisions around background fabrics, threads and the size of the embroidered panel itself.

The very same embroidery design can be transformed through simple fabric switches or the use of different colours. That’s why our expert team of designers is always on hand to ensure perfection for each and every project.

Our chinoiserie Cathay embroidery is characterised by its lavish decoration, asymmetry and oriental feel. The design has been admired from afar and even caught the eye of an equally gorgeous celebrity.

The Art Deco inspired Sevilla, on the other hand, has a more glamourous feel, embellished with applique flowers, semi-precious gemstones and exquisitely embroidered contours.

The options are endless, and we take great pleasure reimagining our existing embroidery designs into new works of art.

While each embroidered art panel is made to order we keep a limited number in our Chelsea showroom for customers who prefer to purchase pieces on the day.

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