Bespoke Headboards by Beaumont & Fletcher

There are headboards. And there are beautifully handmade Beaumont & Fletcher headboards. Not all are created equal!

Purposefully designed to be functional works of art, our bespoke headboards are brought to life in our British workshop through some of the world’s very finest craftsmanship. They are intended as pieces that serve a purpose, while commanding centre stage in the most stylish bedrooms.

Explore our website to discover three captivating designs: the Topkapi, Miami and Alhambra. These upholstered headboards represent our most sought-after creations, which have been reimagined in many different ways for our clients through the use of different fabrics and hand embroidery. However, the true depth of our craftsmanship extends well beyond the showcased designs, many being bespoke headboards for private clients who, understandably, prefer to keep their unique pieces exactly that – private.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond grand-scale projects. We take equal pride and meticulous care in the creation of smaller, more standard headboards, ensuring that each piece, regardless of its scale, reflects the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The headboard design process

First things first. We work with our clients to agree a particular headboard design from our existing collection or something completely bespoke.

Measurements are obviously super important too. Beaumont & Fletcher’s bespoke headboards are wall mounted and designed to rest on the floor with a cut out over the skirting, so we always guide our clients to make sure we get accurate measurements.

We usually suggest having a headboard slightly larger than the bed itself – around 5cm on either side – for the very best aesthetic, but that comes down to individual taste.

The next decision is the choice of fabric, or combination of fabrics, required for upholstery, which can be from our own collection or elsewhere.

If you’re opting for a plain fabric, it’s worth considering a border in either a different shade or texture of fabric. It helps add a little interest to the headboard without too much fuss. Alternatively, you could opt for a bold patterned fabric, such as our Kyma flame stitch, with a plain border. The choices are endless, and if you feel a little overwhelmed, we are always on hand to help you create the luxury headboard of your dreams.

We also need to consider any decorative elements for the headboard, such as nailings, trimmings and piping.  And for those seeking a touch of extravagance, our collection of exquisite hand-embroidery designs presents an option to elevate the finished look even further.

The final option for customisation is the depth of the foam padding. We have set depths for the ultimate in comfort and style, but we can adapt this to suit requirements if needed.

The headboard then goes into production and takes up to 12 weeks to complete, depending on the intricacy of the design. It’s then ready to be fixed sturdily to the bedroom wall and admired for years to come.

Browse our website or contact our team on 020 7352 5594 to discuss our bespoke headboards.

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