creating hand embroidered curtains

The beauty of Beaumont & Fletcher’s hand embroidery designs is the way they can be adapted to suit many different interior applications.

From cushions to headboards and wall panels, each design can be used to create a completely bespoke piece, individually tailored to a client’s exact specification – pieces so beautiful they often serve as functional art.

One of the most impactful applications of our embroidery designs is to embellish curtains, either as a leading or bottom edge, or jaw-dropping all over design.

Contemporary drapes with a hand embroidered, Art Deco leading edge

Our designs have the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to create the most exquisite drapery, bringing elegance and grandeur to any setting.

Designing hand embroidered curtains

Interior designers are usually well versed in specifying our designs, whereas private clients benefit from a greater level of input from our design team, who can help guide them through the process and visualise the finished curtains.

Luxurious drapes with a contemporary, hand embroidered leading edge

We provide as much or as little help as needed and are comfortable either working with a client’s curtain makers or taking charge of the full project.

However we work, we are always on hand to provide insight and technical guidance when needed and the rigorous design process is always the same.


We have a vast library of couture embroidery samples to choose from, including delicate botanicals, geometric Art Deco creations and more simple contemporary designs, offering a beautiful contrast to our more ornate, historical collection.

Sill velvet drapes with a botanical style, hand embroidered leading edge

There are endless options for customisation. For example, we can alter the size of the pattern to make it larger or smaller, reduce the abundance of beading or select different coloured embroidery threads.

But often we start from scratch, taking inspiration from elsewhere – be it nature, history, art and fashion – to create a truly unique design.


Next is sampling, a critical stage in the process.

We will meticulously choose materials, colours and techniques that complement each other and suit the pattern and the proportions. We will identify which type of stitch and bead work will bring the concept to life and give it that stunning three-dimensional quality.

Expectations are that it reflects the design perfectly and is strong enough to fit the purpose for the most exquisite, hand embroidered curtains. This takes around 3 – 4 weeks and may require further adjustments.


The final concept is then visualised as line drawings, where we have the opportunity to reveal the finished design before it is brought to life.

We work directly with the curtain makers on the final layout to make sure precision of pattern placement.


When all details are finalised and agreed on, we take the final stage from both paper and sampling to a three-dimensional finished piece, making sure that every single stitch, bead and seam is flawless.

Unlike fabrics that come on a roll, we hand embroider the specific width and height of the piece of fabric required for the curtains. And because we want the embroidery to look so effortlessly flawless, we join the curtain fabric prior to the embroidery, then embroider over the seams.

The hand embroidery production process takes around 12 weeks, depending on the intricacy of the time and the size of the project.

Sheer curtains with a delicate, all over hand embroidery design

Post Production

When the embroidery work is complete and quality checked, we then switch our attention to the curtain makers and collaborate with them to ensure the perfect installation, which we can oversee if required.

Browse a collection of the hand embroidered curtains we have created for the most stunning interior projects around the world by clicking here.

To discuss a hand embroidered drapery project, please contact the Beaumont & Fletcher design team on or call 020 7352 5594.


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