How to use flame stitch fabric

As a brand, we don’t tend to follow fads. Instead we focus our efforts on timeless designs that look just as good tomorrow as they do today; designs that are always on fire, so to speak.

The eternally chic flame stitch is one of those very designs, one we’ve made our own through the launch of our award winning Kyma fabric collection.

A collection of modern flame stitch fabrics

The history of flame stitch fabric

While the exact origins of flame stitch are unknown it seems to date back to 16th century Italy with influences from the Middle East and Hungary. Yet, one of the earliest surviving examples is in Parkham House, an Elizabethan manor in the English countryside, where a particular fondness for the alluring zig zag design evolved into a grand four poster bed adorned in what could easily be mistaken for a modern day Missoni-esque fabric.

What’s so impressive about this effortlessly stylish flame stitch design is that is was created over 500 years ago and is still perfectly at ease – and very much in style – in the 21st century.

A collection of handmade cushions in a modern flame stitch fabric

How to use flame stitch fabric

Flame stitch fabric has endless design potential and it really depends on how bold you want to be. It’s one of the most stylish ways to introduce pattern to a room and works effortlessly for both soft furnishings and upholstery.  We’ve used our Kyma flame stitch fabric to create bold, colourful cushions as well as statement sofas and armchairs. It can also lend itself well to upholstered headboards or as a striking leading edge on drapes.

An elegant chair upholstered in a chic flame stitch fabric in tones of blue and green

Beaumont & Fletcher’s Kyma flame stitch fabric

Flame stitch designs are many and varied, and most commonly use gradients of a few colours with fairly sharp peaks. So, when we set out to create our own, we wanted it stand out from the crowd and fire the imagination.

Named after the Greek word for wave, Kyma has a softer peak with a complex chevron structure and intense depth of colour. It comes in six confident colourways, each one combining nine different colours from our archive to great effect. We particularly love the jets of colour that shoot upwards from the peaks, reminiscent of the Ikat technique.

We’ve reimagined a classic design to create a bold new interpretation with a contemporary edge – one we know will be around for years to come.

Beaumont & Fletcher’s flame stitch fabric is available in six striking colourways and as ready to ship cushions.

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