Our Passion for Linen

There is a place for opulence in design and a place to cherish simplicity.

When we seek to embrace the latter (and we do!) it’s Linen that hooks us in – a textile so pure and so versatile it has the unique ability to bring a look and feel to interiors that is exquisitely pared back. Its wonderful organic properties enable it to take on colour and texture and to be pliable enough to upholster or drape – it’s no wonder that it never goes out of style and remains a loved staple for interior designers.

We take our linens from small mills in Ireland, Scotland and Italy and work with family run manufacturers who have passed down the complexity and craftsmanship that’s needed to transform the flax plant into linen. From field, to fibre, from yarn to fabric – each weave with its own signature feel and quality.

When it came to naming our linen collections –we wanted to pay homage to the places where the mills produce this natural fabric – each location with their own wild and beautiful geography that is swept up in the very fabric themselves.

It was to Ireland that we first sourced our linens – famed for their exacting standards, their craftsmanship and a long noble heritage in manufacturing the best quality linen in the world. It is never a hardship for us to visit our friends on the Emerald Isle and with each visit we become more immersed in their expertise and ability to bring us this beautiful textile. We have two Irish linens in our collection, Bantry and Donegal.  They are loved for their gentle elegance, their subtlety and their ability to bring true authenticity to a room, be that in furniture, cushions or drapes.

Our Bantry linen has a fine close weave leaving it with a crisp and clean finish – we’ve created six gentle but confident colour ways that echo the changing colours of the Bantry landscape. 

Bantry linen - beaumont & fletcher

Bantry Bay is in the heart of West Cork –hemmed in by high mountain ridges, an azure blue sea and mountain streams- a place of extraordinary natural beauty. 


Our Donegal Linen is a richly textured, plain woven linen with a discrete strength that makes it perfect for drapes or upholstery. The confident weave and colours that contain the subtlest whispers of the wild shorelines and landscape of its namesake. 

Donegal set in the north west corner of Northern Ireland with vast mountains and seascapes , many parts are untouched and unexplored –ruggedly beautiful–the very epitome of wild Ireland.




Our Orkney Linen has the softest touch and a rich intense depth of colour – due to the strength of linen it can withstand specialist treatments –which is exactly what we put Orkney through –pummelled with pumice stones, in vast vats – the result is the most yielding supple texture and is now a staple in our collection with 18 colour ways.

Emily chair in orkney linen frost - Piedmont ink blue - Piedmont and Novara Group - donegal oatmeal - beaumont & fletcher


Working with our manufacturers in Italy, we have designed two elegant weaves for our linen collection – both with a two tone effect – the Piedmont  and the Novara . They are understated – smart, crisp and with the softest, lightest sheen. As individual linens they work across upholstery and soft furnishings –use them together, it creates an effortless interior that appears evolved yet understated. 

Piedmont ink blue - Piedmont and Novara Group - donegal oatmeal - beaumont & fletcher


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