The real beauty of handmade sofas

The realm of mass produced sofas has its merits, but at Beaumont & Fletcher we don’t believe in the ordinary.

As a quintessentially luxury British brand, we prioritise the very finest craftsmanship and are firm believers in the enduring value of handmade sofas.

Our traditional British sofas are purposefully designed to last for decades, if not longer. And while they may eventually need to be reupholstered, each frame is so well built it will need little attention in its long and distinguished lifetime.

Beaumont & Fletcher has been creating the most beautiful bespoke sofas from our prized English workshop for over 30 years, with a lasting quality that makes each piece a worthwhile and thoroughly enjoyable purchase.

One of our long standing customers invested in our Pompadour sofa when we first launched it in 1994 and, having seen it myself, it still looks as good as today as it did twenty years ago. It has the usual signs of use you’d expect from a sofa of this age with a little and a wear and tear to the fabric, but overall, it’s in exceptionally good condition. Exactly as a handmade sofa should be.

We’re about to reupholstery this very piece for our customer as her tastes have changed over the past two decades, which is such a pleasure to be able to do.

The act of welcoming a customer back with their original sofa and ensuring its longevity for another two decades or more is truly gratifying. There’s a profound sense of satisfaction as we breathe new life into the familiar shapes of a cherished sofa, and the prospect of continuing its life demonstrates the significance of our craft. This is what our handmade sofas are all about.

The genuine happiness and contentment expressed by our customers when they are reunited with their revamped sofas highlights the meaningful connections we make through our work. It is such a privilege to contribute to their stories and create memories through our beautifully handmade sofas.


When you opt for a bespoke sofa it can’t be mass produced – it requires the finest craftsmanship to bring it to life.

Taking inspiration from design classics we create our luxurious sofas, such as Brooke, entirely by hand, which means we can adapt each piece to suit specific requirements.

We often have clients who are drawn to a particular design, but wish is had a deeper seat, different legs perhaps, or a higher back, and are unaware we can make adjustments to create a truly bespoke sofa.

Most customers tend to customise a sofa through the use of different fabrics (from our collection or elsewhere)  trimmings and various finishes on the legs. But we can also make changes to the structure itself to suit a particular space or design preference.

Perhaps they have a large irregular room or, to the contrary, a petite space that requires a smaller version of one of our more traditional British sofas.

As well as adapting our timeless collection of luxury sofas, we can create truly bespoke settees from scratch. We’ve actually just finished an enormous circular sofa for a client in The Bahamas and a plus sized version of the Pompadour. They both look incredible.


If you’re thinking about buying a new sofa, I highly recommend exploring the option of a handmade sofa from Beaumont & Fletcher. Each piece is designed to be loved now and for generations to come – a wise investment worth every penny.

Discover our timeless collection online or in our Chelsea showroom in London.

Written by Jana Durisova, owner and creative director, Beaumont & Fletcher

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