The role of couture embroidery for interiors

At Beaumont & Fletcher we are detail driven. We believe the smallest details can often make the biggest impact, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Few decorative techniques have the ability to add detail to an interior than hand embroidery, a skill we have been honing for over 30 years.

Often associated with the world’s finest fashion houses, couture embroidery is increasingly favoured in high-end interior design for its unique capacity to introduce depth, texture, and tailored customization. It adds multiple layers of interest and can incorporate color and pattern as subtly or boldly as desired.

An elegant, art deco inspired hand embroidery design on a neutral fabric

Beaumont & Fletcher’s embroideries are created entirely by hand. This artisanal approach delivers unrivalled flexibility, enabling the realisation of the most intricate designs with incredible attention to detail.

In contrast to machine embroidery, hand work knows no bounds, making virtually anything achievable and allowing creative visions to truly spring to life.

Luxurious upholstered velvet dining chairs with an Art Deco inspired embroidery design on the back

For some projects, embroidery is used to add a delicate finishing touch, while for others, it takes centre stage.

We have an extensive library of designs, each of which can be adapted to suit a wide range of interior applications, from embellishments on soft furnishings such as cushions and drapes, to headboards, chairbacks and wall panels.

An image with three different pictures showing hand embroidery on a headboard, chair and cushion

But we never sit still and push the boundaries of what is familiar to create the most incredible projects, from fully hand embroidered ceilings to innovative art installations.

Our world class team of skilled artisans painstakingly place every stitch by hand to create the most jaw dropping works of art to elevate the overall look and feel of a space.

Fresh water pearls, sequins, glass beads and Swarovski crystals are incorporated into many of our designs, as are metallic threads and semi-precious stones. And while various stitching techniques deliver contrasting patterns, padded applique introduces three-dimensional quality.

A close up of hand embroidery designs showing an exceptional level of attention to detail.

As well as our signature designs, we work with clients on completely bespoke pieces based on their own ideas and inspiration, creating something unique and personal to its owner.

The real beauty of hand embroidery, bar the obvious visual allure, is the way it can be personalised to each interior and impressively deliver on many of the most important aspects of interior design.

It’s a craft we are hugely passionate about and take great pride in producing some of the finest work in the industry.

To find out more about about our interior hand embroidery, browse our library here or contact our team to discuss a project.

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