Moliere on Empire Tafetta - Ash

MoliereĀ  on Empire Tafetta - Ash

Moliere is a romantic tracery of creeping ferns and intertwining leaves. The foliage seems to grow delicately from the fabric. This is an exquisitely detailed design, using antiqued silver and gilt threads.

Our Couture fabrics are bespoke and hand embroidered to order. They can be created in fine gold or silver silk thread and embellished with freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. Each pattern can be coloured and designed to fit your needs. We can embroider onto almost any background fabric including: silk, velvet, organza and leather.

Product code4503
Embroidered width133cm (52¼)
Pattern repeat77cm (30¼)

Available in bespoke sizes and colours.
Please contact us for further assistance.

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